Mary Beth Fleming

About the Trainer

Mary Beth Fleming has always known that her true calling lay in educating others. As a high school and middle school teacher, she enjoyed a satisfying career. Then she realized something was missing, and knew it was time to explore different directions for her talents and dreams. Mary Beth teamed with Max Muller and Associates and quickly became one of our most sought-after trainers.

Thousands of people have already honed their communication skills, strengthened their confidence and enhanced their ability to deal with others through Mary Beth’s information-rich seminars and workshops.

Her quick wit, flair for drama and down-to-earth attitude always motivate, energize and excite her audiences.

Mary Beth is living proof that, as she says, “If you know who you are, believe in who you are, know what you want and go after it, amazing things will happen.”

Topic Areas

Mary Beth specializes in communication topics: effective writing, speaking, and interacting with others.

She believes that “you can be the most brilliant person in the world, but if you cannot communicate your message, you will fail.”

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