Ricky Kalmon

About the Trainer

Are you looking for a corporate entertainer with a clean, tasteful show who fits in well with your group? Are you tired of the same recycled message?
Stage hypnotist, motivational speaker and TV personality Ricky Kalmon brings a high-energy, enriching and empowering experience to the stage. Kalmon is also the star of the TV show SNAP on the Disney Channel. He delivers corporate programs that will change the way you live, work, and think.

Kalmon has performed for college and professional sports teams, Fortune 500 companies, and audiences worldwide. His comedy show is always tasteful, always hilarious, but never predictable–no two shows are alike.

The most requested stage hypnotist in the country, Kalmon redefines the art of hypnosis. Kalmon’s motivational programs are inspirational and offer compelling, applicable tools anyone can use in personal and professional development. By “Unlocking the Power Within™”, he reveals how the subconscious mind can be the greatest tool in achieving new heights in reducing stress and increasing productivity and success.
For over two decades, Kalmon’s hypnosis show has amazed audiences around the world. His program opens with corporate entertainment that leads into a wellness program that will exceed your expectations on every level.

Ricky Kalmon empowers his audience to take control of their lives and teaches them how to change bad habits to good habits and become proactive in their preventive health and wellness. Kalmon’s motto is “Change the way you think, and you can change your world.™” His motivational keynote program will offer take-home value to your team. When it comes to personal and professional empowerment, Ricky Kalmon’s programs reduce stress and create success!

Ricky Kalmon customizes every program to the needs and interest of each client’s event.

Topic Areas

• Comedy Show
Clean and politically correct
Interactive audience participation
Appealing to all audiences and demographics
Customized to fit the theme of corporate events
High-energy entertainment
Ice-melting and barrier-dissolving presentation

• Motivational Keynote Program
Unlock the Power Within™
Compelling and inspirational
Techniques to reduce, prevent, and cope with stress!
Motivational empowerment that can last a lifetime
Customized to fit your theme

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